Get the freshest microgreens
all the time
Any time
at the convenience
of your grocery shopping

What is Planet540™?

Planet540™ brings you the freshest microgreens at your convenience. Our microgreens are harvested at the time of purchase and will be available nearby several grocery shops. The Planet540™ machines grow and keep our microgreens under optimum conditions for the best quality. Our microgreens are not just tasty and full of vitamins, but safe, sustainable and always of guaranteed quality.

Why should you buy Planet540™ microgreens

We make it fun
and easy for you

Buy conveniently: you don’t need to source sellers available at specific locations and at specific times only. Planet540™ microgreens will be available during usual shopping hours and around grocery stores.

Get your favourite: a wide variety of microgreens are available from Planet540™ and you can also order your favourite in advance to make sure others don’t take it all.

The natural and healthy source
of Vitamins, minerals and micronutrients
Available all year round

Thanks to its concentrated and versatile nutrient content, microgreens
are ideal ingredients for several diets and dietary choices.

* Because you do not need any special diets to feed your body with healthy goodness.

Good for you, good for the PLANET

We don’t just care about you, we care about our planet too. Planet540™ is the most sustainable
and planet-friendly source of microgreens, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We were the finalists of…

The passion that connects us

We are the core Planet540™ team. A teacher, an inventor and a creative soul.
We are three friends who seemingly have barely anything in common… except our drive for healthy eating and our vision for a nutritious future.